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Last updated: 2/11/2013
Do I Have an Injury?

Personal injury definition in the eyes of the law is suffering an injury to your body, mind and emotions. Personal injury coverage includes compensation for physical harms such as broken bones, bruises or any serious injury sustained in an accident. Personal injury claims and personal injury lawsuit can also be filed for emotional and psychological injury you experienced as a result of trauma obtained through a humiliating or life threatening experience.
Personal injury cases arise out of someone else's negligence: an individual or a business that is legally responsible to pay you compensation. The two most common forms of injury laws are accident law and personal injury law.

An accident is an unexpected, unusual and unintended occurrence that takes place in a particular time and place. Some common forms of accidents are auto accidents, bicycle accidents, motorcycle accidents, boating accidents, trucking accidents, construction accidents, hit and run accidents, pedestrian accidents, slip and fall accidents and workplace accidents. Personal injury law covers all aspects of personal injuries that are the results of the negligence or wrongdoing of another party. Examples of personal injury are amputation, asbestos exposure, birth injury, defamation, food poisoning, loss of eyesight, police brutality, product liability, loss of hearing and sexual violence. If your injuries are similar to the ones listed here, you may have a legal case to seek compensation. To find out that indeed you have a legitimate case, please feel free to contact one of our personal injury specialists.